9 Alternatives to White Background Product Photography


Almost everybody understands the significance and the need of photography in digital marketing or e-commerce websites. Nowadays, consumers generally wish to buy products online. And they always buy the products which show high resolutions pictures. For this, the changing of the background of the product picture can impact the identity of the brand. This is where the contest lies. A good background picture can simply attract more consumers and hence more sales.

 So, in this article, we are going to review nine different choices to white background in product photography.

Black Backgrounds

Black background product photography is a method usually seen in comfort products, such as jewelry, alcohol, and cosmetics. It generates a stylish, classy glance while still maintaining neutral and highlighting the product.

A lot of times, the shine will be improved on the product to create a dramatic effect. Shadows and reflections can also generate drama and dimension. Here’s an example from superficial brand MAC, where sheen adds texture and opulence to the makeup.


Mostly, everybody likes to play safe and selects the white color background or off-white color or even grey and beige background. The logic behind this is that the neutral color describes the aesthetic beauty of the product and it fits with every product.

Solid Background

Solid backgrounds are the comfortable options, and it can be attained in an easy method by background removal process. It is a bit that is very different from the neutral or black background. These types of solid backgrounds add liveliness to the picture.

Wooden Background

If you intend to go for something which is very artistic and different, wooden backgrounds work the best. This background enhances the homey effect to the photo. However, you need to select the right type of wooden background for you. You need to attempt some of the photos and choose the one which works the best.

Patterned Background

Patterned background is one of the stylish backgrounds which you be able to go for. You can attain this look by removing the unique background of the product. It supports in keeping the sophisticated look of the product.


Tiles can be used as the background of your product pictures to achieve some effects. There are several different colors, sizes, and textures in tiles, so you have tons of room to be artistic and experiment.

Go for a black tile for style and classiness, or white for a light and bright product photo. Slate makes an industrial, avant garde look, while a natural tile can accomplish an earthy, natural appeal.

Textured Background

Textured backgrounds are something exceptional than the other backgrounds, So, you require to play safe with this. This is for the reason that they have a unique concept. As for example, if you go for the feminine look, you need to add a little style to the picture by adding a glittering effect which helps in boosting the beauty of the picture. Or if you expect to go for a pure look, you can add grass, leaf, or sand as the background effect.


Bokeh is a certain technique that is applied when a part of your picture is partially blurred or out of focus and you want to attain that look with professional effect. This is where bokeh facilitates in achieving a unique background.

Contextual Background

Almost all purchaser from the online shopping website likes to see the products which have contextual backgrounds. This background is somewhat that they can effortlessly visualize from their day to day lives. But for selecting that ideal background, you need to think about the situation according to the product. It completely depends up to you.

So, these are few of the backgrounds which you can go for. Choosing the best background for your image improves the entire look of the photograph and hence compliments the product.


Selecting the appropriate background for your product pictures boils down to a little things: your brand, your products, and your audience. Your backgrounds should boost and complement your brand, highlight your products, and fit your audience’s preferences.

Normally, the most successful ecommerce brands present their product pictures in a few different ways, showcasing products in a mixture of contexts and angles. A combination of two or more of the above choices to white background product pictures might render the finest results.

S M Rishad
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