A Product Photographer’s Guide to for Photoshoots


Photography is an art and it’s a creative sector for all kinds of people. If you have shot pictures you already know about it.  You need at least a little creativeness in you if you want to be a photographer. Only a creative photographer can succeed in their profession. If you not confident in this thing but you want to confident in this thing you are in right place.

If you ever shot a photo you will know the basic thing about product photography. Nowadays product photography is very important for eCommerceand it’s a big sector where people invest their money. For good marketing, they need to do their product AD on their website or another eCommerce site for their marketing or promote their product.

For this, first this they want to do their product photography. Product photography is a very creative thing. So, if you are doing product photography you must do your photography with full attention. Today I’m talking about how can you do better in your product photography and what kind of thing you need to avoid when you are doing product photography.

Avoid unknown face   

Sometimes it’s necessary to take photos in public places. But this is not a problem at all. The problem is you don’t need to capture the other people's faces but unfortunately, they captured by you in your photos. so, the problem is you can’t use other photos or upload other photos without their permission. It’s a crime you need to take permission when you using their photo.

There is two way you get out from this situation, the first one is you need to avoid people or their faces when doing photography in public and the other way is you can blur their faces before uploading the photo.


This also very important thing when you taking photo. you also need to avoid children from your photo. but if want to upload those type photo you need to  take permission from  their parents.

Otherwise you need to avoid children from your photos. 

Don’t use Logos and Brand Names

Logos and Brand Names are specially made for the company’s promotion and advertisement. So, they have some privacy and policy. You can’t use other companies for your photography or their brand name for your popularity.  You can’t use this when you are directly promoting that brand.

But you can use this when you have a creative idea. So, the idea is,

  • You can use those by using editing effect and hide the logo or their brand name it’s an easy and shortcut odea
  • And other is you hide the original subject from the photo by adding another subject in the image.

Concentrate Product Characteristics

It’s a very complicated topic, suppose you are doing your own photography with your own new bike there may be some distinguishable product characteristics that you need to address as well. It sounds funny. It’s your bike and bought it but when you doing photography for marketing this a very important thing.

So, The question is what kind of thing you need to remove? The answer is,

The most important thing is the company sticker, you also need to remove the logo, they give you company keyring this is also included with their promoting or their marketing. So, you can’t use this thing also.

If there is any confusion let’s give you guy’s another example, suppose you are doing photography with your brand new iPhone 12. They have an iPhone logo on the backside of the device you need to remove it. They also have a circle in front of the phone you also need to removeit. You also need to remove the side front of the device. So, the main thing is you need to hide all the identity from the picture.

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Distracting the Backgrounds

When you are doing product photography, the background is very important for your photography. Because you need to describe your product to your customer. Most of the time the photographers avoid the busy background when they are doing product photography. Because it distracts the viewer from highlighting the product.  That’s why the background is very important.

So, the point is you need to understand the product background. Using white background is one of the best options for this but always using a white background is make your customer feel boring or something like that sometimes you need to use different types of background which helps you make your customer exiting about buying your product.

You can make your background by using two ways. The first one is to edit your photo by using editor software you easily edit the background use any kind of software. But that takes more time and also more work for you. The other option is to take help from professionals which is one of the best ideas. You just take your perfect photo and send it to them to tell them about you’re your product and what kind of edit you need and they do it. It helps your time and helps get a good photo of your business.

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Price Tags

When you are doing product photography it’s an important thing for your photo. you need to hide that because sometime it’s seem unappealing.

You can remove it in two way capture the picture by cutting it or take the picture with it and remove it by using photo editor like photoshop that’s help you get more effective  photo.

Public Buildings

Eiffel Tower is a very famous place in the world and people like visit there and take photos. But one thing you know that you can’t take photo from Eiffel tower at night because the lights in Eiffel tower give you copyright the authority don’t allow you take photo from Eiffel tower at night. You also can’t take photo from public place such as public buildings and monuments to watch out for worldwide like art museums, sacred places like mosques and temples, and governmental buildings.

There are one more thing you also can’t take photo from shopping mall if the authority don’t allow it. It’s very complicated thing. For ensure that the authority allow it or not you need to watch their rules and recommendations.


Hope this article helps you to know how you develop your product photography skill and help you know some rules about product photography. This always up to you how you can upgrade yourself. Just remember one thing never lose hope try your best and work hard.


S M Rishad
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