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Clipping Path Quick (CPQ) is your complete out-source partner for all aspects of Clipping Path Services. With an international team of Photoshop professionals. We have built a fame as the leader in on-line image editing services since 2013.

We specialise in delivering image editing services such as Hand Drawn Clipping Path, Deepetch, Photoshop Masking/ Alpha channels/ Hair masking, Background Remover, Color Correction and Management, Vehicle Enhancement, Digital Photo Retouching, Raster to Vector conversion, Ghost Mannequin etc.

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Our global customer and technical support teams operate 24/7 from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada enabling us to assist you wherever you are.


The company of ours is a very well-known and reputed one. We have got so many experts and professionals working on your desires with their years of experiences. That brings a great responsibility to us to stand out on that reputation once and again and always.

We and all out mates have very solid opinions about the ethics. We always respect our customers and their own choices and their requirements as well.

Taking care of the social responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility has been a critical and serious dimension of our company from the very beginning. We consequently make a thoughtful effort to integrate both the social and environmental concerns into our outsourcing concept and we put them all together in our work.

We want to define a clear profile through a proactive approach to social responsibility. One of the ways we do this is by having a transparent business model and creating goodwill in relation to our customers and employees.

We thus fully comply with the conditions set out in the Conduct prepared by the Confederation of Danish Industries and the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

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If you are finding the touch of an expert in your photo, then here we are! Because we have every type of image editing service you want. Our company has the best skilled peoples of Photoshop who will provide you a superb attractive and glamourized photo.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
E-commarce Image Optimize(Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Alibaba)
01. Management team training
Our company also provides some wide-ranging training for the senior team mates. We intention to decrease bureaucracy and form separate production teams in accord with the Western leadership principles.
02. Employee Focus

We strive to offer employment conditions which match Scandinavian labor market conditions as closely as possible. Most wage earners in Bangladesh have to endure conditions which are far from acceptable by Western standards.

Our company made a clean break with this situation from the outset, and offering responsible working conditions to our employees is an important part of our overall strategic plan. We conduct regular performance appraisals to align expectations, establish training plans and ensure that each employee remains motivated. We hold large monthly meetings with all employees where they have the opportunity to express new ideas or comment on conditions which they would like to see changed.

As is customary in many foreign companies, employees are given an employee handbook when they commence employment, specifying all their rights and obligations. The importance of retaining capable employees and motivating them in their daily work is just as important in Bangladesh as it is anywhere else. The good employee conditions have resulted in a secure and pleasant working environment, which makes our company one of the most attractive workplaces in Bangladesh.

03. Training

All the effort and concentration we put together on training and further learning has inspired the staff of our company to make an extra effort and feel responsibility for all their tasks.
There is a proper training plan we have planned based on the specific employee’s qualifications is expressed from the outset of their employment. As such, some graphic designers have extensive practical experience, others have theoretical training from an institution such as the Govt. Graphic Arts Institute in Dhaka or in have done many courses to learn graphics design.

Our every employee as in team member has gone through an induction course when they inaugurate the employment, just to ensure that they are at ease with our work routines and the high quality requirements we set.

From the beginning

Our History

Clipping Path Quick – Fast, Secure, High Quality and Affordable

  • 10 Mar 2013

    Successful Company Launch

    We are started our Graphic Design company 10 - 12 employee and stating provides clipping path related services

  • 18 Jan 2014

    Starting E-commerce Zone

    Clipping Path Quick Start e-commerce zone Specially for e-commerce product optimize with professionals Re-toucher .

  • 05 Jul 2015

    Launch Our Image management Software

    Start working with Image Management Software for maintain to timely image received and delivery. Also client tracking job status facility

  • 10 Jan 2016

    Increase our Resource and 2 Hour Quick Express Delivery

    We are hired more 25+ professional expertise for provide High-Volume Clipping Path Service and maintain Quick images quality

  • 30 Jun 2017

    We received Best Outsourcing Services Providing Award

    We are Happy to say, Our Clipping Path Quick won Best Outsourcing Services Providing Award from Bangladesh Outsourcing Association.

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