Amazon Product Photography Guideline for Ecommerce Brands


Selling on Amazon is a fantastic approach to get your name out there, leverage an accessible channel, and connect with a world-wide audience of potential consumers. But with extra 2 million involved sellers, it’s a busy space and you want to be tactical if you intend to stand out.

One method to do that is by putting additional thought into your product images. Below, we’ll go over how you can shoot and enhance Amazon product photos so you can make more sales.

Why you need photos to sell products

Corresponding to a 1986 University of Minnesota research, the human brain procedures data from visual photos 60,000 times quicker than text.

That’s why it’s crucial that your photos obviously communicate all the extremely vital advantages and features of your product. Preferably purchasers should be capable to scroll through your photos and make a purchasing decision without having to read any text portion of your listing.

Otherwise they’re studying about your product 60,000 times lengthier and will be much extra expected to click to a competitor’s product.

Photos communicate more details than text

You can look at a photograph of a woman carrying a vase full of flowers and within a fraction of a second you see:

  • Nearly how large the vase is
  • What kinds of flowers would look attractive in the vase
  • The goal demographic of the vase
  • The color
  • An evaluation of how strong it is

To describe that in words would take much extra try and at least two or three sentences of text.

Amazon mobile app is optimized for photos

As of 2019, mobile shopping makes up nearly half of all ecommerce deals. These little screens make reading more complicated because text is less important and needs more scrolling to get through larger blocks of text.

Amazon also shortens numerous text fields on mobile that seem in their complete form on desktop. Bullet points often indicate just the first two, then drive users to press a button to see the rest. Similar for titles and description.

But photos also show up much tinier on mobile, so it’s essential to crop in close enough to obviously see the product advantage being featured, and any text of icons are big enough to be simply read on a mobile screen.

Many purchasers hardly read the text

While there’s no way of collecting information on what percentage of consumers don’t read the text at all, we understand this to be true from the number of negative reviews that show up for purposes that were obviously communicated in the text sections of the product page.

A common instance is accessories for smartphones that just suited certain models. Sellers of these items nearly all the time clearly state in bullet points and title that their accessory is just fitting with specific smartphones.

How to make high-converting Amazon product photography

Now it’s time to learn accurately how to create photographs that convert consumers into purchasers.

These methods were developed through my experience establishing more than 1,300 listings in the past five years for our buyers at Kenji ROI. For several of these projects, we applied Clipping Path Quick’s ghost mannequin, clipping path, and color swap essential services.

Make a shot list based on research and advantages

An essential and often overlooked move is to develop your shot list around key data and advantages of your product. If you only provide your product to a photographer and ask them to take a few wonderful photos, they may need the direction necessary to showcase features customers care about and want to see when shopping online.

Pictures require to communicate key product advantages and info to purchasers looking fantastic comes secondary.

This needs a bunch of deep consumer research to identify precisely what you should highlight in your pictures so you can make sure you show each of these things in at least one picture.

Crucial data optimization

This is the single highly vital part of creating fantastic pictures, is identifying the extremely important data consumers need to see in order to make a sale and creating pictures that obviously show this data.

Here’s an easy method you can follow to make sure you’re doing this efficiently:

Do a lot of consumer research on Amazon reviews of rivals, what advantages other sellers are highlighting, and online forums. Record possible product advantages, likes, and dislikes in a list.

Crosse mention the whole thing on the list with what consumers are really saying about the product. Look for trends in your study of what clients most often like and dislike.

Remove any advantages that don’t come up frequently, emphasizing these will only divert from the advantages that matter to consumers.

Enhance your list down to no more than seven advantages, then craft your photograph shot list around them. How can you highly simply show each advantage with an image? We’ll get into the types of pictures and what every single type finest displays in the next section.

Persuasive desire optimization

Persuasive desire optimization is applying sales copywriting to create your product the bridge from your consumer's terrible current condition to an enhanced future situation.

People purchase for two reasons:

  • To prevent pain
  • To get super simple gains

Writing great sales copy is a skill that requires lots of training, learning, and experience to genius, but the common concepts are easy and will improve your conversion rates.

Include the three important picture types

If you’re pondering how many pictures you should put on your listing, I constantly say apply all the free slots! There are seven noticeable pictures and two more if purchasers press the +2 button to view all pictures. Concentrate on the first seven but absolutely apply all nine as long as you’re not uploading low-quality pictures only to fill them out.

Products on white background

Your key picture on Amazon has to be a genuine white background corresponding to Amazon’s guidelines. You’re not permitted to have logos, text, or anything but the product in this picture.

If the background isn’t really white, it will look bad alongside Amazon’s white background web pages and can still be denied by the platform. The safest route to make sure your background is pure white is to find clipping path background removal and a pure white background added in at the back of the picture.

Lifestyle pictures featuring models

Displaying a real human co-operating with your product is one of the highly efficient ways to demonstrate your product in action. In fact, more than half of the best fashion websites include people in their product shots.

It’s simpler for buyers to understand how the product would suit in their own lives. You can also apply models to use emotion with your pictures. If your product is bachelorette party resources, and you have pictures demonstrating a real party in action with a lot of women that look as they’re having an incredible time and connecting with every other, purchasers would like to create that similar feeling for their own experience with the product.

Infographic photos

Various features of advantages are difficult to communicate any other way than text or graphics. Displaying the size of the product both with a few lines and the real dimensions written on the picture is important for most products. This make sures consumers won’t be frustrated when they get the item the thought was larger or smaller.

The extremely common miscalculation with infographics is involving too much data. Keeping the text huge is crucial for legibility on mobile screens, but it also restricts the amount of information you can squeeze into one picture. You don’t like to overwhelm possible consumers.

Adding icons and simple graphic elements that fit your branding colors and elegance also creates your brand look better quality.

Construct the consumer journey by ordering pictures effectively

Going back to crucial information optimization, it’s vital to order your pictures so the most vital data comes first.

If you’re not very good deliberate about the picture order, the one picture that sells your product the finest might never see the light of day. All time somebody scrolls to the next picture, fewer people see it, so that second and third picture slots should be filled with your pure best pictures that communicate the very key data.

The ultimate litmus test for success

There’s one last test you should put your pictures through.

Enlist a group of people to assist you. Send them your product pictures, sans text or any other data. Ask them to look at the pictures in their private time. Then, discussion them about the crucial product advantages.

If they have no trouble listing the major advantages featured in your pictures, you pass the test! If they find things incorrect or completely miss things, you understand where you have to enhance.

This method will also provide you crucial insights into safer ways to show off certain advantages, or which pictures you may require to place closer to the beginning so more people see them.


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