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Background Removal

Background Removal Service
Nowadays businesses online and offline have come to appreciate how photography and its constituencies have made a huge impact on their success. Background removal is a constituent of photography. It aims at giving a reasonable, standard or desired change to an image.
Background Removal
The Impact of background removal Service in Business
Almost every business requires photography (image) for display of their products and services that's where background removal service comes in to play its role. A business such as eCommerce cannot thrive without a quality image. eCommerce is dependent on the use of a good product image. Consumers  only  see  what  you  show  them  and  will buy  what  they found desirable, that’s why photography and graphics design we come in to bridge every gap  and help the business to be presentable. So for a product to be sold it needs to start off with a good impression so as to appeal to the customers' visual sense of quality.
In Photography business, background or object removal service can play a significant role the simple beyond simple usual description. At the time of taking photos, there may be objects in the background besides the person or an item which seems good at that time but later may make a worse sense. That is why backgrounds removal and replacement become inevitable. Again, due to the defects of camera setting, lighting, color, over or underexposure etc. the background may go worse and become undeserving. This will be discussed in details in this article. Read on.

Remove Background Product Photography Service
Sometimes, the image requires that you change its natural but inappropriate background to a synthetic background, and so the graphics designer brings in a suitable background for the image enhancement. It could be a black or white background to focus the attention on the products. There are cases when objects like car, chair, sticks, clips, wall picture, umbrella, etc are added to the background to create an effect, also. The photographers or graphic designers use various colors or shadow just in case of white colored product images to highlight the product. They use colorful background or texture during the web template design. These backgrounds create the templates stand out of others.
Background Removal Service
Various Background Removal procedures
It can't be argued that the background of an image is so much significant for any product, also the images for other important business purposes needs to be perfect and out of defect that is why the graphic designers have to remove the unwanted background or the objects that are not needed to bring a perfect impression. There are many background removal procedures to do so.

  • Clipping path technique: This technique is used to remove the undeserving background. In this technique, the designers use the pen tool for Photoshop. The clipping path technique is not only used for background removal work but also other works like color correction, image restoration, and others. This process involves creating a path around the image or the object or the whole background and after selecting, you delete to give a perfect shape. There are different tools to remove the background, there is eraser tool, lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, magic wand tool, pen tool and the rest of them, but the designer's friend is the pen tool. Preferred for its exactness.
  • Neck joint or ghost mannequin service: In case of various product items like clothing, jewelry and other fashion accessories like eyeglass, bags, cap, shoes, hair bands, hair wraps, etc. the background removal is very necessary. A product with an imperfect backgrounds has to be removed. Here the photographer may use objects like a ghost mannequin, hanger, clip, stands or human to make a perfect shape and display of the product and later the graphic designers can remove these objects and the background, they can just remove the product image from unsuitable background and place in a new white layer for highlighting the product images or just enhancing the brightness of the product.
  • Image masking technique: This technique is applied to the images which have soft edges. A background that seemed tough to be removed using the clipping path technique can perfectly be removed by image masking method. This is used to remove the background from the images like a furry doll, hair, thin fabrics etc. There are various types of images masking such as alpha channel masking, hair or flesh masking, transparent object masking, and collage masking. The masking work is not possible with accuracy without proper skill and experience of the graphic designers.

During wedding photography, in the various tours and travels, occasion, meeting with the friends and family members, programmed items, etc. some unnecessary objects or unknown person(s) may be captured in the background. Not only that, after shooting images, some things may be there you don't like, somebody may be shot with an improper pose, or radish eyes, etc. In this case, Background removal technique can solve the problems. Also, to put an image in a life-size, removal of watermark, balance brightness and contrast, adding a desirable background, apply various shadows like reflection shadow, natural product shadow, to add or remove the watermark are all the essentials of image enhancement and they can all be achieved by a skillful graphics designer or photographer to make the image look better.

At a Glance: For any kind of image manipulation service, either for e-commerce business, photographers, models, magazines or newspapers a skilled and experienced graphic designer will make it exceptional, Clipping Path Quick is a renowned graphics designer with a professional team of graphic designers who have a long experience in this field. We offer services like clipping path, image masking, color correction, neck joint or ghost mannequin services etc. Our happy clients are from various industries such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, photographers, fashion designers and so on. Contact us today! We’ll answer any of your questions and provide the best service your image enhancement needs.

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