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Car Image Editing

Car/vehicle image editing is one of the most common marketing strategies in today’s Moto vehicle selling/trading industry. This is the complex photo editing service of getting car/vehicle images more attractive and appealing to enhance and boost the sales on different online trading platforms or for advertisement services. This activity is meant to make the car models being traded in look much better and remove any imperfections on the original product or any other error that might have occurred during the photo shoot of the product in question.Car image photo editing involves many activities within it, rather than just a single simple task.


These are the activities that are involved in improving the quality of the original of the original images to make them look more professional, appealing and eye-catching. These activities are aimed at increasing the sales of the particular item. To do this, there need to be experts in photo editing and retouching services who are equipped with the relevant skills.  Usually, car image editing services are among the complex tasks that cannot be handled by amateurs, but rather professionals only. Some of those services involved include the following:

Clipping path services
Clipping path is the most critical step in car image photo editing. This is because most of the images contain Backgrounds that are very compatible with the car products, hence need to be removed, manipulated or retouched. Clipping path is important because it gives the freedom of dealing with specific pixels in the image. This involves making of a selection of the subject in the image, which separates it from the background to make it easy for modifications to be carried out. This process should be accurate, and it can be simple or complex depending on the nature of the subject. Simple clipping path can be accomplished by quick selection while complex ones require hand drawn technique using the pen tool.

Background removal/manipulation services
As stated, photography involves choosing of the most favorable spot to make sure the subject relates with the background. However, this can be hectic and not forthcoming. To actualize this, photo editing services are required. The background is removed or manipulated professionally to make sure it is perfect. The background can be removed completely or be manipulated accordingly. It is then replaced with the desired background or just a solid color. These images look much better than the original ones and can be used for product promotion services.

Addition shadows
Shadows are reflections of the object on the background when an illumination source is available, which in most cases is the sun. When backgrounds or the subject is edited n an image, sometimes the shadows are done away with, deliberately or on condition.  Images without shows look unrealistic and fake. To restore the realness of the image, shadows are added to the vehicles in the image in a professional way that they look very realistic. There are various types of shadows that can be added to car images such as reflection shadows, mirror shadows and drop shadows.

Addition/removal of objects/people
Vehicle editing may require some special characters added or removed from the images. These can be people or anything else, such as text or some sort of art. This has to be done carefully and it should be figured out clearly where these characters should appear if they are to be added to avoid messing up the image or creating a wrong impression. Some of the common category of this service is addition of the driver and a rear seat passenger, or removing them if they are available but are not required in the final image.

Automotive dealer image solution
Car image retouching is the ultimate solution to automotive dealing. To increase sells, the images of the cars to be sold should look very attractive, accurate and flawless. To achieve these, high end photo editing services are required on the images. When the images are of good quality, they increase the customer’s confidence in the product hence increasing the sales. These services however require real experts since they are very sensitive and have a great impact on the dealer.

Vehicle photography retouching
Vehicle image retouching is the process of making minor corrections to car/vehicle images. These alterations are small but that does not mean they are simple. Retouching entails the process of removing imperfects from the images while retaining the original features. These are mainly services that can be completed by a few clicks, like color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, exposure and gamma correction, hue, saturation and luminance adjustments and many other services that are meant to enhance the appearance of the vehicle images.

Retouching/Editing car photos in Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and most probably the best photo editing software utility in the market. Vehicle image editing/retouching is much very possible in Photoshop as it has very many powerful tools and options that are very fundamental in car image editing/retouching. Photoshop offers a total control of any individual pixel in the image which is ideal for manipulation. Some tools that help in this include: the selection tool, lasso tool, patch and stamp clone tools, layers, alpha channels, image adjustment services and the pen tool among others.

Applications of car image editing/retouching
Car image editing/retouching services are very essential to individuals or companies dealing with automotive assembly and selling. A part from these, car image retouching services are also necessary for car owners who need to sell their used cars. If you need these services, look no further, you are at the right place; clipping Path Quick for professional high quality automotive image editing services.

Why our automotive image retouching editing services?
At Clipping Path Quick we offer top notch image retouching and editing services. We are an online leading platform in all photography needs, with our priority being satisfying our customers. We have experienced photo editing experts who provide exceptional photo editing services. Please contact us for all your vehicle/car image retouching/editing needs and we will work the magic for you!

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