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If you want to create an excellent clipping path, well that is not a tough job as many people think. Clipping path is an online editing service. It is an editing service which uses Photoshop tools to remove an object. It is applicable in both 2D and 3D graphics. It is a very popular service nowadays.

Why it is needed?

Clipping path service is needed for those following occasions-

  1. Magazine covers
  2. Making catalogs
  3. Exposing single photos
  4. Newspaper pictures
Clipping Path Service

An image always depends on its pixels and clipping path is also dependable on them because pixilation is an integral part of clipping path. So to get an expected outcome, it is very important to handle the pixilation work perfectly using clipping path.

Here is a list of those users who uses clipping path in their work,

1. Photographer
2. Web Administrator
3. Newspaper Editors
4. E-shop
5. Printing and Publication Media

How to do it?

A professional expert uses Pen Tool which is way better than any automated functions and tools. Our professional experts do not use any other tools without the pen tool to create clipping path. In order to create clipping path quickly, the pen tool is extremely good to use. The automated functions are very good in this case. So in spite of working with the automated functions where all the software and tools are pre-configured, this is our technique.
Although clipping path is totally a Photoshop based work where the photo is edited with Photoshop tools and software. Basically clipping path is all about sketching an outline around the object to be isolated and removing the background. The object is isolated within the outline and then the background is removed without leaving any shadow or displaying any other background. This is the process of creating clipping path
Clipping path can provide you a bunch of services. Though it only works with pen tool but it has also other services. As such,

  1. Image Manipulation
  2. Color Correction
  3. Image Cropping
  4. Define the edges
  5. Image Retouching

That is how clipping path service actually works.

Types of Clipping Path-

Clipping path has different type of editing services. Each of the clipping path has different kind of services lies within them. Basically two types of clipping path service is mostly provided to the customers. They are,

  1. Basic Clipping Path
  2. Compound or Multiple Clipping Path
  3. Overlapping Clipping Path
  4. Complex Clipping Path
  5. Super Complex Clipping Path
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Clipping Path Service Pricing per image started from $0.49 USD and the standard turnaround time will be within 18-72 hour.

Our Rating and Pricing Example

Clipping Path Service Regular Pricing Start form $0.49 USD. We provide also Quick Express service 2 hours to 12 hours delivery service based on the complexity.

| Regular Pricing & Discount

  • 24 Hours Service : (Standard) No Extra Charge
  • 48 Hours Service : 8% Discount On regular price
  • 72 Hours Service : 12% Discount On regular price
  • 96 Hours Service : 15% Discount On regular price

| Quick Express Service Cost

  • 18 Hours Service Cost: 25% Extra on regular price
  • 12 Hours Service Cost: 50% Extra on regular price
  • 6 Hours Service Cost: 100% Extra on regular price
  • 2 Hours Service Cost: 150% Extra on regular price

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