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Color Adjustments

Color is the most basic aspect of photography and graphics design in general. Due to this, any photo is usually defined by the color tones in it. Color any photo is dependent on the conditions under which the photo was shot. Lighting forms the most important of photography and creative creations. The light lighting is determined by the photographer, depending on what they what to capture in the photo, and what they want to use it for.
After successful photo shooting process, the images need to be grilled and refined. To do this, color adjustment is the first step taken in the bid to improve the quality of the photos. Color adjustment is the process of color correcting images – getting the accurate colors for the images. The process is used in the upgrading, improving or modifying the way different colors are represented in a given image. This process needs one to have a good understanding of the entire color scale, and above all, be guided by the desired end result of the photo editing process. Poorly color done color adjustments ruin the taste and appearance of the photo and it looks awful and unprofessional.
color adjustments
Color Adjustment Service
To have a perfect color grading and color balance and blend in photos, professional color adjustment services are required. This is also referred to us Color correction hence color correction services. These services are used to edit the various colors in an image, with various categories as listed below

Color hue adjustment
Hue adjustment is the process of changing the original colors to produce different color; changing colors of color. A blue color in the sky can be changed to orange by adjusting the hue slider of the blue color. This is done mainly to add some drama to photos, or during photo manipulation activities.

Color saturation adjustment
Saturation stands for the amount or intensity of a given color. Desaturating the photos leads to production of almost a B&W effect. Adding saturation to colors makes them more intense and visible. Saturation is done moderately as modifying it to extremes may lead to distortion of the colors making the image unrealistic and unbalanced.

Color luminance/lightness adjustment
Luminance is the degree as to which a particular color is illuminated in the image. Each color can have its luminance adjusted separately. Reducing luminance darkens the pixels that contain the specific color while increasing the luminance leads to the selected color popping out, before the optimum limit is exceeded.

Brightness adjustment
Brightness is almost similar to luminance. The difference between luminance and brightness is that while luminance affects the degree of illumination of pixels, brightness is used to affect the amount of fade of the image. Brightness is generally applied to all pixels of the image hence any adjustment affects the whole image.
color correction service
Color Dodge and burn addition
Color dodge refers to the process of adding a given degree of lighter spots to the image while color burn entails the process of adding dark spots to the image. Dodge and burn affects are added to colors to make them outstanding and dramatic. To do this, the photo editor needs to understand the desired effect required to be created.

Highlights adjustment
Highlights refer to the pixels in the image that seem to have a lot of illumination. Highlights arise from the lighting of the object during the photo shoot. When highlights are too much, the details of the object are lost. This is commonly referred to us photo clipping path. This can be corrected by adjusting the highlights accordingly.

Color temperature adjustments
Temperature in photo editing and photography refers to the amount of yellow color in the image. A warm image contains a good amount of yellow; a cold image has no yellow in it at all. Depending on the nature of the image, the temperature might be good or bad. This is adjusted accordingly to make the image warmer or cold.

Vibrance adjustment
Vibrance is the amount of color concentration in the midtones of the image. Midtones are the pixels of the image which are neither highlights nor shadows. This is what comes in between highlights and shadows. The midtones are very sensitive because mostly they contain the subject of the image. Vibrance adds or reduces the color concentration of midtones.

Contrast and Exposure correction
Contrast is the part of color adjustment effect that focuses on adding or reducing the concentration of particular colors in an image. Contrast, unlike vibrance, affects all pixels of the selected color in the image irrespective where they appear: highlights, midtones or shadows.  It lightens the lighter pixels and darkens the dark pixels.

Balancing sharpness and clarity setting
Sharpness is the size of specific pixels in an image while clarity is the degree to which given pixels are visible, or rather how clear they are. Increasing clarity darkens the image while reducing it adds a blurred effect.

Who Might Use This color correction Services?
Color correction is a basic need for any photography work. It is applied in various photography categories such as wedding photos, family photos, portrait photos, product images and much more. Actually, color correction is not discriminative; all raw photos must undergo this during photo editing.

Benefits of a Color Adjustment
Color correction has so many benefits. Some of these include:
•    Improves the quality of images
•    Corrects imperfections brought about dynamic lighting during photography
•    Helps in addition of various effects to images
•    Makes photos look more realistic
•    Helps to bring back any lost color details in images

Why to choose our color adjustment services?
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