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Deep Etch

Deep-etch editing is a technique of graphics design. The term deep etching is usually used to define the process to get rid of a specific part of a picture or an image from its background so that it stands alone. This means that just that part can be used in a different way or on a different background if we want.
deep etch
Why this is necessary?

Deep etching is used in several sectors as it is so popular and less costly editing service nowadays. Mostly it is used to removing backgrounds and defining the edges clearly. This is the appropriate necessity and importance of deep etching in graphics design.
Deep etching is most suitable for images without a lot of ultra-fine facet (like hair) or transparency. Our service delivers the identical results (like a pixel perfect selection of portion of the image) for pictures that we can’t deep etch. Our professional photo retouch editors are contented to recommend you about which service is best for your project.

What does it?
Deep etching basically does the background removal work of an image. It also has some other appliances and we can see them below.

  • Removes the background from an image of a product or an object for use in e-Commerce
  • Replaces the background of a picture with a more exciting and eye-catchy one
  • Copies the objects or people from multiple pictures for use in a digital composite
  • Draws attention to portion of a picture by applying effects to a subject and background separately

Method of Deep Etching
There are several methods of doing deep etch editing. But among them the Pen Tool option of Photoshop is most suitable and preferable. Though all the techniques are unique and commendable but Pen Tool can lead you to a wonderful finishing and perfect deep etching service.

At first, we have to select the pen tool in Photoshop (this is an icon that looks like an old fashioned fountain pen) and slowly start tracing the framework of the object. It will be better if we zoom in on the photo as this will make the edges more clear and allow us to create a more accurate line. The idea is of creating an outline around the object with as few nodes as possible (nodes are the little square things that the pen tool creates when we click). We have to create our first node by clicking down once at a point along the unseen outline of the object. Then we will move to the next point along with the outline and create another node, but this time, we have to hold down the mouse key and drag the mouse to the left or to the right – by doing this, we will see that the node now has knobs which will allow us to create curves with no trouble to follow the unseen outline of the chosen object. If we wish to “deactivate” the knobs on a node, we can vanish it by simply holding down alt and re-click on the side node.

Once we have completed our ‘path’, by joining the first and last nodes, it will be better if we save it. This will help us to avoid any kind of major mental breakdowns that may occur if the power trips after we have spent many painfully, strained minutes trying to perfect the path! So we have to simply click on the “Paths” tab in Photoshop, choose the little drop down arrow in the top right-hand corner and select “Save Path” and then save our Photoshop document. And that’s it! Your object has been deep etched in this way.

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