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E-commerce Image Editing

Pictures carry a very deep message within them. To avoid all these words, online products selling platforms opt to use images, whether for a single line product or a large inventory of products.  However, not naturally will customers be willing to buy just because they see product images. To provoke potential clients, the images used must be making a good impression of the real product, and must be appealing enough. Raw images may sell, but quality edited and attractive images sell even more.
E-commerce Image Editing
With this in mind, it makes good sense that to boost sales on online stores and market, whichever images used to advertise or represent the real products need to be refined. To achieve this, professional photo editing services must be sought, specifically e-commerce product image editing in this case. For an image to sell its corresponding product, the following photo editing services must be applied:

Product Photo Retouching & Enhancement
This is ane-commerce image editing service that is used to beautify the raw images and improve their general appearance. Photo retouching and enhancement makes the images to look almost exactly as they are seen by thenaked eyes or even better, removing the imperfections that are encountered during the shooting process. Some of the product photo retouch and enhancement include:
•    Product image color correction
•    Product image contrast and brightness adjustment
•    Product image HDR effect addition and much more

Remove Background from image
Background removal/background cut out is the process of altering the original background of the image and replacing it with a new most suitable background, or just adding just a solid color. Product images may be shot in various conditions, some of which are not really perfect for online marketing. To solve this, the images get their background manipulated to get a new overall look which blends better with the product in question. To do this, the product in the image is carefully selected and isolated from the original background and mounted onto a new background.

E-commerce Image Clipping Services
Clipping Path Services involves making accurate selections around the productimage alone, excluding it from the rest of the parts of the image. Clipping path service is not independent, and is always accompanied by other photo editing services to be complete. This service offers the fundamental step to take control of the pixels forming the product in the image, that is, the pixels of the product alone are subject to any subsequent alterations as desired.E-commerce image clipping must be done with great expertize; otherwise the image will end up messy and undesirable.

Ghost Mannequin Effect
Whenever we talk about e-commerce image editing, we must talk about the ghost mannequin effect services. These are services that change the whole thing all together. The ghost mannequin effect is a photo editing activity that is used on garment/apparel images to eliminate the necessity of human models. This helps create beautiful images of clothes with no physical support, they appear like suspended realistically in the background.The clothes are however complete, appearing like they are worn by an invisible ‘person’. Clipping path service and background manipulation services are among those used to create the hollow or ghost mannequin effect.

Photoshop Shadow Effects
Photoshop shadow effects are services used to make an image look more realist even though it has been edited. These services allows for creation of various types of shadows around edited product images just to make them look better. The created shadows are carefully crafted so as to look almost natural. These shadows are cast on manipulated backgrounds since the original shadows have been lost, were missing all together or they have been removed intentionally because they do not have the right appeal.

Color Correction Services
Color correction services help in editing the product images so as remove imperfections from the products and appear good. Color correction services are among the basic photo editing activities that can be applied to any photo according to condition of the image. This usually a simple task but requires a very good understanding of what is required in the final image. It may be selective; applying to specific parts of the image only. Some photo editing services that are used hand in hand with color correction include: multiple clipping path service, exposure and contrast adjustments and much more.

Image masking services
Image masking involves making a selection of the product image in the photo, and then creating a layer mask for it. With the help of clipping path services, the product is selected and the layer mask created is usually the required part of the image, but without the actual pixels. This layer mask gives control over the selected area in that modifications can be limited to this part only, and much more editing activities can be carried out on it.

Product Image Batch Processing and Resizing
This is the process of addressing numerous photos which need to be resized or cropped. Batch processing includes huge amounts of product images that should be made into various sizes and some pixels eliminated by cropping. Resizing is making images to have different dimensions while cropping is cutting off parts of the image.

Product photo clearing
Product image clearing or cleaning helps to remove the ‘dirt’ in the image. This means that, if the product being shot has any sort of imperfections or contaminations, they are removed and the image left clean without any blemish or stray elements in it. These can be dust, scratches, scars, tear or other related injuries.

Importance of e-commerce photo editing service
E-commerce image editing has a lot of benefits to online sellers and shop owners. They include
•    Improving the general quality of product images
•    Attracting more traffic to products
•    Creating good appeal to potential buyers
•    Increasing sales
•    Improving buyers’ confidence in the products and much more

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