The Top 10 Finest Photoshop Plugins for Product Photography


Photoshop is, truly, a mighty tool for editing your photos. But if you want to ensure you maintain stability in your editing workflow or if you basically want to speed up the editing process.

The only trouble is that Photoshop can be a monster — your options are literally endless. You could use an entire day on a single picture and still not have quite the impression you desire.

Fortunately, we have plugins to assist with that. Below, we’ll discuss about some of my personal favorites, as well as some contributions from other professional photographers.

What is a Photoshop plugin?

Adobe the company that built Photoshop describes to plugins as add-on software that boosts the functionality of Photoshop. Fundamentally, plugins are outside programs that work in conjunction with Photoshop to create extra image effects or help speed up missions that would be tough using Photoshop alone. Plugins can zip up your workflow, help resolve crucial errors, and take your photographs to a creative level that would be difficult to reach straight out of the camera.

Product photographers confront their own exceptional challenges. You might not have to create like an art photographer, or retouch skin like a portrait photographer, or be in the ideal place at the ideal time like a sports photographer, but you do have to deal with stringent parameters.

To help you accomplish, we’ve formed a list of the highly helpful plugins to enhance your product photography with just a few clicks.

1. Portraiture

Portraiture concentrates on getting great skin texture without losing any detail. No necessity for complex masking or even the healing brush. Portraiture’s presets spontaneously smooth the skin, while removing imperfections and keeping both texture and detail. In fact, the default settings and presets are so nice that you might not find much else to shift. The user interface is shiny and accessible yet hides a lot of energy under the surface. The cost is a bit high-level, but if you shoot a bunch of portraits and need specialized results, it’s well worth the investment.

2. ACR

This plugin has been a beloved for years. Adobe Camera Raw mentioned to as ACR is involved with the Adobe Bridge program that comes with your buying of Photoshop. If you’re shooting RAW files, it lets you to upload and boost your pictures before you even open Photoshop itself.

You can apply the simple sliders in ACR to change exposure, shadows and highlights, white balance, and noise. You can also crop and flatten. Furthermore, you can simply fix irritating difficulties like chromatic aberration and lens distortion.

Best of all? You can choose some photos in a set and use all your changes to the whole group with only a few clicks. This implies if you have a whole set of product photos made with the same lighting setup, you can make overall changes instantly and correctly. ACR slices down on the work you’ll have to do in Photoshop, saving you lots of time in the procedure.

3. Fluid Mask 3

All good product photographer understands that removing the background is an important task. Of course, you can do it by hand in Photoshop with the help Magic Wand Tool or the Pen Tool.

Sadly, this method can also be extremely time-consuming and annoying — particularly when you’re working with a subject that doesn’t have smooth edges.

That’s where Fluid Mask 3 from VertusTech arises in. This smart plugin makes it simpler than ever before to cut out your subject and remove or change your background — even for complicated details like hair, fur, leaves and feathers.

4. Exposure X4

Another massive worry that product photographers deal with is color. Getting accurate color is so crucial — think of how unhappy you’d be if you ask for a shirt because it looked teal, but it went out the lighting was creepy and in person, the shirt was pea-soup green.

Exposure X4 from the guys at AlienSkin supports you avoid purchaser displeasure by giving you beautiful color. There are several amazing features contained with this plugin, but the matching set of color tools may possibly be the most remarkable yet.

You can start out with the white balance eyedropper or the white balance presets, and then step on to fine-tuning with the heat sliders. If you’re getting specific, you can modify the hue, overload, and lightness separately with aimed adjustments. You can even use these adjustments to only the shadows, the midzones, or the highlights. It’s not difficult to get wonderful color with this tool.

5. Topaz Adjust

Back in the initial days of digital photography, we were all amazed by only about any picture that came from a digital camera. Now, with the arrival of HD monitors and OLED phone displays, the excellence of an image concerns almost as much as the subject and composition.

Elements like color, contrast, and transparency must be excellent to catch the viewer’s mind, but not so overdone that the image looks apparently fake. We want the picture to look better than ideal— even when bigger than life— but we can feel an overdone Photoshop disappear from a mile away.

Enter Topaz Change. This potent plugin gives out the best in every picture. It can assist you take your photos from flat and dull to rich, energetic, and eye-catching. Finest of all, the tool is continuously adjustable so your images will no way have that crispy, over-processed look. Your possible purchasers will feel like they can reach right through the screen and snatch the product with Topaz Adjust.

6. ON1Resize 2018

Most of our pictures will only be seen in a digital capability — in an online store, sent out in an email, or over social — but there are occasions when our pictures necessary to be printed — BIG.

Think about your most recent trip to Focus, for instance. Every end cap has a bigger-than-life photo of the products in that segment. How do they get those photographs so huge and crystal-clear? Straightforward. It’s a plugin — ON1Resize.

ON1Resize gets you the top-quality improvements — you can print larger without any shortfall of sharpness or detail. You can remove and print your pictures precisely from the ON1 Resize plugin, too, making your workflow quicker and more efficient.

7. Topaz DeNoise

If you’re only ever shooting stationary things from a tripod, maybe you’ve never had this trouble, but if you’ve ever had to shoot in lesser light without the opulence of a wonderful, slow shutter speed, possibilities are good this has happened to you.

In the name of securing a decent exposure while keeping the aperture you want while still reducing camera shake, you bring up the ISO, Then you take a check shot, see at the LCD, and bring it up a bit more, figuring it’ll maybe be ok. A few hours later, you open your pictures and there it is— thick, uncompromising, grainy noise.

Noise is pixels that aren’t rendering correctly — they make look like white specks or colored specks, and they appear up exceptionally bad in the darker areas of your photograph. While you can flat out some noise in ACR, you tend to lose a few details. If you must remove a bunch of noise— particularly color noise— your picture goes from cool but crispy to kind of blurry and soft. Not the outcome you were anticipating for.

Topaz DeNoise is the solution to all your noise troubles. With DeNoise, you can keep the crisp detail and totally remove all the noisy items that would otherwise spoil your image. Now you can get your product shot in only about any lighting condition without bothering about what you’ll find after the fact.

8. Topaz Star Effects

If you’re taking photo of jewelry, autos, or something that requires that additional something unique, you may possibly try out fun lighting effects. You can’t constantly get it right, though — there’s no assurance that all the elements will come together completely to give you the lens flare or star reflection you’re wishing for.

That’s where Topaz Star Special Effects comes in. Unlike naff Instagram-style star filters, Star Effects generates subtle, natural-looking lighting effects that boost your product photo.

Whether you need a flare, a light, or an interest-getting star reflection, you can make use of Star Effects to produce it.

9. Chameleon Adaptive Palette

Chameleon Adaptive Palette is a clever palette system that fits smartly. It presents a range of strips with marginally functions, but each of which routinely updates based on your selected color. The strips can be bolted to act as a static palette or exposed to present various variations. This Photoshop plugin is highlight-rich but shouldn't levy your CPU.

10. AD Brutus Symmetry

Artists who choose to play around with proportioned designs or drawing can do so effortlessly with the AD Brutus Symmetry Photoshop plugin. Easily place your grid or guide on your job and see it mirrored where you select. You can turn over layers or choices and rotate your work. Saving is simple too, as you can save either the active layer or an amalgamated PNG version of the present view with only one click. This may not be the most helpful plugin ever, unless you work constantly with patterns, but it is a fun one to research with.

Moving ahead with your Photoshop editing

Whether you’re an in-camera-perfectionist or a Photoshop addict, plugins can help you. Positively, you can apply some of these plugins to create your workflow quicker and your photos more impactful than ever before.

Don’t ignore to save this post for later ‚ you never realize when these plugins will be only the thing you need.

Good luck and happy photography!

S M Rishad
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