Ghost Mannequin Service


Ghost mannequin or also referred to as invisible mannequin photography is a technique in photography for giving specific products a realist 3D appeal. Ghost mannequin is in other words is the effect created by photographers, graphic designers and photo editors to give an impression of a Hollow Man Effect, which basically is meant to make the products such as shits,sweaters,jackets and vests attractive to improve on the product’s sales or enhance appearance on different platforms such as Instagram. Ghost mannequin is used broadly lately and gaining much popularity especially in the online marketing and products promotion platforms.
A ghost mannequin is as a result ofthe GHOST MANNEQUIN EFFECT. The Ghost Mannequin effect can be achieved by either special photography, or be simulated by photo editing software such as Photoshop by professional editors and graphic designers. Ghost mannequin services are a bit taxing and require a good skill set for effective results. A vast knowledge in photo editing to make the simulated ghost mannequins more appealing is fundamental, including color corrections, background removal, photo manipulation and many more.

We cannot talk about the ghost mannequin and ghost mannequin effect without talking about the neck joint.
The neck joint is photo manipulation procedure done in Photoshop mainly. Photo manipulation entails changing a specific component in a picture or even the whole picture to give it a total new look ormake it slightly different from the original. The neck joint service requires to a great extent path clipping expertize.
The neck joint service comprises of different photo editing techniques which are; Photo retouching, photo resizing, path clipping, photo restoration, color correction and alteration, photo cropping, portrait enhancement and different photo adjustments and balances.
The outcome of a neck joint service is a beautiful ghost mannequin. The neck joint services always help in making stunning ghost mannequins which makes the products more visible, attractive and design revealing. This promotes sales.

Normally, the neck joint service requires severally images of the product to produce the ghost mannequin. The images must also be taken from different perspectives,for the ghost mannequin to capture all the details of the product. These are the main areas of focus required to perform the neckjoint services for ghost mannequins; front side image of the product, inner side image of the product and the back side image of the product. The product should be placed on a right sized mannequin or be worn a most fit model. The model’s hair should be tied for faster processing, but is not so necessary. The background should also be plain, preferably white. Dynamic posed be watched out for too.


  1. Ghost mannequins or neck joint services are very import in the following ways
  2. Show the exactness of the garments including the design, inner craft and tuffs.
  3. Makes the garments appealing to the audience and customers
  4. Gives a virtual fitting impression to the customers and audience 
  5. Breaks down the eases style
  6. Improves sales by making the customers aware of what to expect
  7. Allows for feedback as customers can review the products on the ghost mannequins before purchases are made
  8. Enhances creativity in the photography and design industry.
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