How It Work

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Quick Uploading

In Clipping Path Quick, we have many image editing services where you can easily find which one you're looking for.

If you're new to this, we would like to offer you our 'Free Trial' system where you can try the quality of our service without any costing a penny.
You don't have to register or sign up. You can upload at least 2 to 5 images for trial.
You will justify our work through that trial if we're capable to do your job or not. If you're convinced by our service,
then you can order from the Quick Order option at the menu bar.

If you're not interested in the Free Trial, you have to register and sign up in CPQ and then you can directly jump into the Quick Order option.

You can upload the images through our software called "Web Interface" or provide us your email and we will send you the link to upload images.
We also have a FTP where you can see tutorials about uploading images.
You can ask if you have any query. We'll get you a quote as soon as we can.

Professional Editing

We will review your order within 30 minutes. Our professional team will get to work as soon as we receive your order.
Our dedicated team will give their best efforts to complete your requirements.

In this level, you can trust us with your images and the service we're going to provide you. We will not disappoint you for sure.

Our team members includes all sorts of experts we need. They are dedicated to their work so no worries about the sincerity and the workers as well.
All of your orders will be completed through the professionals at this job.

Quick Delivery

We have a quick delivery system for our clients.
Usually we take 24 hours delivery time but if the order hasn't finished or client applies for correction we may have to work overtime.
But thankfully we have a 2 hours delivery system called "Quick Express Service" which is an exclusive offers for those who need a very quick delivery.
We also have a 24/7 tracking order tracking service to see the working progress.

Payment Procedure

If you are fully satisfied with our service after getting all the requirements or corrections that you needed for your order, you can follow our payment procedure.
You can pay us on daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can pay us starting from 7 days to highest 1 or 3 months for each order.
We receive credit cards or other online payment services like - PayPal, Payoneer, Square, Stripe etc.

We charge very low for each order. So it simply will be a budget friendly experience for you guaranteed!

Make Happy!

If we left any lackings and you aren't happy with our services, we can re-check your order 2 or 3 times till it stands up to the quality as you were needed.
We will do all the corrections.
You can also get your images for any commercial uses like ebay, shopify, amazon, alibaba and ecommerce. We will provide this to you according to what and which
type of service does your product image needs.
Your sale will be increased for sure and you'll make your clients happy & satisfied that way.

No Credit Card and No Registration Required

Free Trial! Try us 3 images to check our quality.

CPQ is the world's leading image editing service provider trusted by over 20,000+ professional photographers, digital agencies, eCommerce & online retailers etc, Now your turn.

How it works?

Quick Uploading

First Request a quote/upload for the images you need editing.

Professional Editing

Review your quote in 30 minutes or less and our team edits your images

Timely Delivery

Get your images as little as 6 hours.

Make Happy

Use edited images to sell lots of products and make your client happy!