How to Have a Safe Product Photoshoot During Coronavirus Pandemic


The Covid-19 virus has revolutionized the way we work. More virtual, beyond staying at home, extra safety measures. And while several industries enjoy a somewhat easy shift to a remote model, other jobs can’t be done remotely. Like the situation when it comes to product photography.

In 2020, photoshoots have switched. Photographers and brands have had to make innovative and operate around social distancing rules to maintain them and their teams safe while maintaining the business up and functioning.

Prep and sanitize kit

Clean and sanitize your equipment

First and important, you’ll want to ensure cameras and lenses are clean and sanitized before applying. Begin by cleaning your camera before stepping onto the sanitization. Then, with an EPA-passed Covid-19 antiseptic, wipe the camera and lens body totally, as well as the strap, tripod, and any other associated gear. It’s a nice idea to wear gloves throughout this process. If those cleaners are inaccessible, you can also get your own.

If possible, escape sharing gear. Otherwise, make sure everyone handling items wears gloves at all times.

Prep your products

Products are all the time held on shoots, and they require to be considered much the same way. Constant cleaning and sanitization, merged with glove-wearing, can facilitate to lessen Covid-19 transmission on the set.

Pull out the zoom lens

Social distancing rules suggest 6 feet between people, providing you the ideal reason to whip out that expensive zoom lens. This path, you can shoot from a distance without losing the quality of your shots. Keep In Mind, though, zoom on a smartphone camera isn’t going to cut it. This will end in pixelated pictures. It’s essential to have a high-level quality camera for product photography and then buy the lens(es) you need.

Edit remotely

Although most of the work happens throughout the shoot, post-processing is a crucial step for every single product photo. And it can also be accomplished remotely. So as an alternative of editing your pictures on the spot or at the office afterwards, take them home and cull your shots to hone them later.

Get your set

Select the right shoot location

Where you have your photoshoot determines a bunch of the measures you’re capable to take once on-set. It’s crucial to select a location that’s not just safe for you and everyone else engaged, but also a set that works for the look you’re attempting to attain with your pictures. Not to refer to travel logistics.

Install barriers

Plexiglass impediments have made an arrival at retail outlets, restaurants, and other in-person businesses. You can do the similar when it comes to product photography to different individuals from one another, be it photographers, artists, models, clients, whomever.

Reduce personal belongings

Numerous workplaces, gyms, and other indoor spaces where people gather have launched limits about personal items. The theory at the back of this is that extra personal belongings involves more items to possibly transmit the virus, so reducing or even removing those factors can also lessen the spread.

Offer sanitizing places

Although all attendees should be urged to bring their own masks, sanitizer, and gloves, it’s also vital to offer it. Set up sanitizing stations for hand sanitizer alongside with wipes, gloves, masks, and any other Covid-19 materials you can deliver. Ensure any sinks are completely stocked with hand soap and throwaway towels as different to reusable ones. You can refer to the FDA’s list of certified hand sanitizers or CDC’s list of suggestions for advice.


When working in any indoor space, it’s crucial to make sure as significantly drying as possible. This lets the air to refresh and boosts the likelihood of it remaining Covid-free. Make Use Of fans and open windows and doors to assist.

Set up the lighting early

Behind all popular photoshoot is a whole team of people. You want to regulate who’s on set at any given time, so it’s a terrific idea to shake the job. Sure, this needs a bunch additional time than normal, but we’re not living in a normal environment. When it goes to lighting, send the team in ahead of time.

Protect your people

Dress In masks and social distance

Masks and social distancing are protective measures to assist alleviate the spread of the virus.

Models can also do their own hair and makeup with simulated advice from the aces. If a team is required, every person should wear a mask, models involved if possible. Models can get rid of the mask for the shoot itself.

It's also essential to urge people to stay home if they feel unwell, understanding any symptoms, or might have been uncovered.

Stay informed

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues with its spears and falls, local laws are continually changing. It’s crucial to stay explained of what’s happening in your area. Several jurisdictions have COVID-19 warning systems you can subscribe to and stay up-to-date.

What to do if somebody tests positive

If somebody from your photoshoot ends up testing positive for Covid-19, there are some actions you’ll have to take. It’s constantly safest to mention your local government and health department’s rules. In the U.S., the FDA has laid out a set of suggestions to assist employers deal with these conditions.


Staying on best of work is hard enough in typical times. Add a virus to the mixture and it can make even the easiest of tasks seem difficult. If you’re battling to keep up with your post-processing workflow, glance for ways to outsource a little of the problem.

S M Rishad
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