How to Improve Product Photography: Things You Can Do Today




High-quality product photography is an essential part of Apparel E-commerce. If you have an eye for photography and a modest budget, Just follow the process and read the full article with your full attention.

Prepare your garment

Prepared your garments for photography. Now a day cloth is an important part of daily life people loves to collect different dresses, some people use different dress for daily use some people love to collect the dress. Overall in the world cloth is an essential part of daily life that why people create an industry or garment. There is so many garment factory in the world already who sell their product. If you join to this product selling competition you must know the marketing about this topic. Product photography is the best way for promoting your product. Most of the people do their photography in dress only and after that, they use photoshop or other photo editing software to add the other thing like business area or business property. This is just a west of time and people don’t trust those type of photo.

The best way is to ready your garment for photography this a good plus point for your business and natural thing is more beautiful than artificial things. A successful company always showoff their company to get trust from people this is the most important thing of the garment business.

Set up your studio

Set up the studio is give a big turn in your photography level. Because it’s gives you an inspiration for your work. If your budget is not so high you don’t need to invest a lot of money in your studio you can make your own studio on a normal budget using a camera, tripod, white paper, and natural light. This thing is a very necessary thing in a studio. You can do that set up in a limited budget.


If you shooting your product for your eCommerce site solid backdrop is a better option for you. You can use different types of solid color to pop your product by changing your backdrop light color. Using a stand will give you more flexibility in where you position your background, allowing you room to maneuver around the studio, you can tape the seamless roll to the ceiling or a wall.  You can also get help from the marketplace website. There you get so many tips and tricks about image masking and as well as remove the background images.


The camera is one of the main things in photography. A good camera helps you to take a good picture of your product. If you have a good budget you go for a DSLR. DSLR is one of the best cameras for photography, you can get the best high-quality photo in DSLR. In DSLR you get a batter lens and also nice picture quality.

But if you have a low budget then you can go for a smartphone. Nowadays smartphones have a good quality camera so many people doing smartphone photography. Smartphone photography is easy and it’s saving money. You just need a good position and good lighting set-up and a good phone, you are ready for photography. I’m not telling you to use the phone for photography, I’m saying that if you have a low budget you can go for smartphone photography.


Lighting is very important for photography because without good lighting you can’t get pictures. When you are using a smart-phone you have a high-quality lens or high-quality camera. The maximum smartphone provides an average level camera. So, if you want a better quality photo from your smart-phone it was mandatory to have a good lighting spot. When you taking your product photo try to take the in a close distance because it helps you to get more details in your product photo. If you are using a DSLR you also need good lighting in your studio. Without good lighting, you can’t get good focus and shadow in your picture.

lighting Position

you need to set-up your lighting perfectly. Because a good lighting set-up makes your picture more bright and helps you get a good quality picture. Try to set your lights in a 45-degree angle because in that position you can get good picture shadow quality, Which is very important for a good quality picture. A good quality picture helps you to show more detail in your picture. So, it’s very important to have a good lighting set-up.

 Style on a mannequin

It’s an important point you need to set your product and set the product position. The position is helping to capture more detail in your picture. In garments products photography you need to set your mannequin front-side in-front of the camera and set this in 90-degree angle.


If you would rather do it yourself, you should ensure your post-production process addresses alignment, cropping, background removal, and color correction in order to maintain a consistent and professional appearance.


S M Rishad
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