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Image masking is the photo editing technique that is almost similar to clipping path technique. Image masking is the process of isolating the subject from its background when clipping path cannot be used any more.  It is a very patient process that produces very accurate results but requires very in-depth knowledge and skills. This is done expert graphic designers and photo editors to make good selections of objects with complex shapes or elements. There are different categories of image masking services each with specific characteristics.
Image Masking
Image Masking Services
As stated above, image masking has various categories and sub divisions. Each category is unique in nature and specific as to the way it works and on the applicable conditions. For these services to be accomplished, the photo editor or graphic designer needs to understand very well the nature of the image they are dealing with, its complexity and the required output. With all these in mind, it becomes very easy to determine the correct type of masking to be used on the image, such that all the details of the image are preserved.

Photoshop Image Masking
Photoshop is one of the most used and effective photo editing and manipulation utilities in the market. It is a very powerful photo editing software with great capabilities, and which offer a maximum control of individual pixels of any given photo.With Photoshop, image masking is easily achievable but not that direct. One needsto be really good in it, with good skills and knowledge on the same.
Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories:

  1. Layer Masking
    This type of masking involves drawing around the main subjects in the image. The selection is handmade to capture all the elements involved. This is not that destructive as the other image masking techniques. The result is arrived at by coloring over the required elements of the image and applying a layer mask to it. The selected pixels forming the layer,mask then can be modified accordingly. Layer masking is one of the best because it allows for reversal of the steps. Any changes made can be undone easily.
  2. Alpha Channel Masking
    This masking technique is used in photo editing to make masks by the help of colors; various colors. The colors are mostly combined in duos in any photo: Red Green Blue (RGB), Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK) and Color (black). IN alpha channel masking, the editor/designer is able to choose any given color and make a mask out of it easily. This means that a specific color can be selected, and a mask created out of it. This helpful in cases where the image has several colors or the image is not very clear but the colors are vivid enough.
  3. Fur & Hair Masking
    Images of animals with fur or people with hairs can be really hard to mask with any other masking technique. This calls for an advanced specific way to apply the masks. To separate the fur and hair from the background, there needs to be a very accurate. This needs a soft edge selection tool and the pen tablet. The first mask is made roughly around the solid areas of the subject and the fine details of fur and hair extracted with a different mask within a given radius.
    Image Masking Service
  4. Refine Edge Masking
    Refine edge is the advanced masking technique that is almost similar to the fur and hair masking. Actually, the refine edge tool is the one mainly used to make masks around tiny elements such as fur and hair. The area around a selection with the fur/hair is gently brushed with the refine edge tool, with works to reveal these finer details with a specified radius from the selection.  The details are then selectively isolated from the background, to make the previous selection complete.
  5. Transparent Object Masking
    This type of masking is different from the others in a way such that instead of focusing on the foreground which forms the subject of the image, it selects the background, which is transparent in this case and removes it. This is very helpful if the background needs to be eliminated and replaced with a different one, or just a solid color. The transparent object masking is applied when the subject is required without the background present.
  6. Translucent Object Masking
    Translucent object masking technique is applied to objects with an opacity ranging from 5% to 100%. These objects only allow a small amount of light to pass through them and hence are very difficult to manually select. They include frosted glass, bottles, paper and fabrics.
  7. Object Masking
    Object masking works by making a selection around the unwanted parts of the image, and then these parts are eliminated by applying a layer mask around them.  This type of masking is very useful as it ensures all the unwanted parts of the image are eliminated.
  8. Color Masking
    Color masking is almost the simplest form of masking. The color mask fills the selection with various colors allowing for prevention of fringing, haloing and glowing edges. Different pixels can be represented by different colors depending on the decision of the designer or editor making the mask.

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