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Image Retouching

Photography is a professional service that is needed in various ways by different people to meet their needs. But however careful the photographer may be, the shots can never be perfect. This arises from the photography conditions, and the physical status of the objects/people being focused on during the shoot. The poor conditions contribute largely to the outcome; the photos produced are not of the desired quality. To improve on this, there need to be some after services carried out on the photos such that to ensure all the imperfections are eliminated, the photos improved and standards raised. This is what is basically called photo/image retouching. Or in other words, we can define it as the process of refining raw images, via several photo editing activities so as to make the images more appealing.
image retouching
Image Retouching Service
Image retouching services, as we can borrow from the above explanation, are the activities carried out during photo editing process to make the images better than the original raw images. These services are carried out by photo editing experts, by using various available photo editing software a good example being Adobe Photoshop. These services however are not all the same; they vary depending on the nature of the images to be retouched, and also the intended outcome. The following are some of the primary photo retouching services that can be applied to the relevant photos.

Face and Portrait Retouching (Flawless Natural Looks)
Portraits are images that contain the main subject as an individual or a group of people, in which they are the only ones focused by the photographer, leaving the other areas that are not important out. Mostly, in portraits, the faces are clearly brought out, showing all the features vividly. Portrait retouching associates itself with refining these photos, to make sure they are flawless. The portraits are processed in a series of photo editing steps, to produce high quality images. Face retouching on the other hand is aimed at removing any imperfections in the faces of subjects of an image. Face retouching can be simple or complex, depending on how the final image is required to look. Face and portrait retouching services include:

•    High end skin smoothening
•    Face swap
•    Red eye, blemishes, scars and spots removal
•    Background removal/manipulation
•    Teeth whitening
•    Adding of burns and dodges, and much more

Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeover)
This is the process of editing images mainly for commercial usage. These images are mainly used for advertisement, for making digital or print document covers or even on mainstream media. The photography involves professional models. The focus is usually on the face, where the details should be clear, and highly attention grabbing. The final image should be of very high quality, especially if it is to be used for commercial purposes. The following are some of the glamour retouching or commonly known as digital makeover.

•    Shadows and colors saturation services
•    Highlights and darks editing
•    Contrast adjustment
•    High end skin retouching and regeneration
•    Background manipulation
•    Shape sculpting and much more

Photography Retouching
Photography retouching is the general term used to refer to photo refinement activities, especially after they have been all combined to produce the final image. Photo retouching services vary from one image to another, depending on the specific requirements. Some of these services include

•    Photo color correction services
•    Photo background retouching/editing
•    Photo enhancement activities
•    Photo restoration services
•    Photo customization services and much more
Image Retouching Service
Creative Image Manipulation
Creative image manipulation is a very sensitive photo editing procedure that requires great attention, skills and creative ideas. This deals with changing the original images to look different in a way specified, with addition of special effects to the image. Photo editing and photo manipulation are not the same thing; photo editing entails making changes to an image for it to look better. On the other hand, photo manipulation is the art of changing an image to suit a given need. In creative manipulation, the photo editor first needs to figure what exactly what they need to create. Then they start the process of photo manipulation to achieve the outcome. Clipping path, background manipulation and masking are some of the photo editing services that can be used in creative photo manipulation. Some ideas in this area are: placing models in a water environment, levitation, cloning and much more.

Remove Image Background
Background removal is the cutting out of the original image background and then replacing it with a solid color or another suitable image. Sometimes the original background may be not good enough or the image is to be used in a context that does not match with the original background. The background is removed by the use of editing activities like clipping path, masking and background manipulation. The new background or color has to blend in with the subject of the image well, to avoid nasty looking pictures and haloing.

Pen Tablet (Wacom)-Based High End Image Retouching Service
For high photo retouching precision, a pen tablet is used; Wacom. This offers a great control of any part of the image. It also saves time, as opposed to using a mouse or touchpad. Wacom tablets speed up the workflow, and lets one to select and edit accurately resulting into an improved quality in the output as compared to the mouse and touchpad.

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