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Jewelry Retouching

Jewellery, for many, is a form of decoration, or to others, a measure of personal worthiness or value.  It comprises of a wide range of items: necklaces, bracelets, coated watches, chains, ornaments and much more. However, most of these items are mostly found in stores mainly in big towns, hence not everyone can access them physically with ease. As a result of this, Jewellery for a long time now has had its most trade activities done online; online stores, shops and outlets.
To make sales online, a pictorial representation of the actual item should be present. This calls for Jewellery items photography. But still this is not enough, the images in the raw original nature are not suitable for such a sensitive business. Here is where Jewellery retouching comes in hand. Jewellery retouching is the process of improving the quality of the Jewellery items images that are used to sell them online. This produces images better than the raw ones, which have a better visual appeal to the potential customers.
jewelry retouching
Jewellery retouching services
These are activities carried out with the aim of refining the Jewellery items in the images. Jewellery retouching services are photo editing services that are carried out by various photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. These services are highly technical hence require advanced photo editing skills in order to get the best results. Some of these services are: brightness and contrast adjustments, color correction, clipping path service, background removal/retouching services, image masking services, etc. The following are the fundamental Jewellery image retouching services

Removing blemishes & spots from images
This is the process of getting rid of unwanted marks from the Jewellery images. Blemishes and spots are some of the imperfections that are captured during the photo shoot process or are as a result of injuries on the actual Jewellery. To correct this, a series of photo editing activities are carried out such as clipping path services to heal the image. The areas containing the spots, blemishes and any other unwanted elements are selected, and removed. The area is then filled with the adjacent pixels to make the image uniform and continuous.

Photo color correction as a part of Jewellery retouching
Color correction in images in photo editing is the process of restoring the right color aspects in the products captured in the image. Color correction services suit any image, since the conditions and environment of photography may not be that perfect, and also, there are camera errors sometimes. Color correction involves various actions that seek to improve the appearance of the image. Some of these actions are brightness, exposure and white balance, shadows, darks and highlights adjustments and the individual color saturation and luminance adjustments.

Adjusting Brightness and Contrast as Jewellery photography retouching
Brightness is the degree of illumination of the pixels of photo while contrast is an adjustment that determines how dark or lighter the pixels are. Contrast darkens the dark pixels and lightens the lighter pixels. In Jewellery image retouching, these two aspects are taken very much into consideration so as to ensure the image looks clear, elegant and attractive. To achieve the best results in the final image, the image should be analyzed and the necessary adjustments applied so as the Jewellery to come out clearly.

Adding Shining in Jewellery photo retouching
Jewellery is a decoration. So, by default, an image of Jewellery should be shinny to prove its use. During the photo shoot process, it might be difficult to naturally bring out the shinning aspect in the Jewellery, but this can be added by editing. To add beautiful glares and shinysurfaces on the Jewellery, there are multiple photo editing services that are used such as layer masking and clipping path services. The area of the Jewellery where glare is to be added is selected and then necessary adjustments are made to make the pixels shine out as if they are being focused by a lighting source.

Jewellery retouching - details & unwanted elements
Detailing an image means bringing out the pixels out clearly so that they can reveal the components of the image very well. In Jewellery image retouching, the details of the Jewellery need to be seen clear to determine its quality quickly and easily. Details can be popped out by the use of the sharpening, detail and clarity sliders. This need to be adjusted accordingly to make sure the image is clear without affecting other aspects in it. Unwanted elements on the other hand are stray pixels, which are removed so as the Jewellery to remain outstanding in the image.

Retouch Jewellery with natural shadows
Sometimes during the Jewellery photo retouching and editing process, the background may be scrapped off or manipulated, hence o make the image look more realistic, shadows are added accordingly. The shadows also increase the beauty of the image.

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