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Neck Joint

Neck joint refers to the process in which garments or clothes are made to appear without the mannequins. When the particular photos of particular clothes or apparel are taken for online marketing and selling activities, they are usually supported by either mannequins or human models. However, after shooting the images on the supports (models/mannequin), the images to be used for commercial purposes do not in most cases look great with them. To help solve this, the neck joint services come in handy. These services help to remove the supports holding the clothes or garments during the photo shooting process making them to exist freely and appear as if they are suspended on their backgrounds.
The term neck joint is the general term use to describe all the activities that are carried on the images during photo editing process to eliminate the mannequins and models initially holding the clothes. Neck joint services therefore are a series of processes, not just only a single activity. As much as the neck joint services are aimed at optimizing the images of clothe products for online and social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, there are also other photo editing services required to make the images look more appealing and eye-catching so as to attract more customers. Neck joint services also greatly rely on other activities such as clipping path, image masking and background removal services in order to be successful. Neck joint services give clothes a realistic 3D effect.
neck joint
Neck joint services have the exclusive capability to make digital images look excellent, more attractive and very compelling. Neck joint services are activities that help in making garment images to be used on various online platforms look more gorgeous, appealing and have a realist 3D effect. As stated earlier, the neck joint services include other photo editing services to produce the required Ghost Mannequin effect or also known as the Invisible Mannequin effect. All these services have to be blended in professionally to produce good images. Neck joint services are offered by photo editors and graphic designers who have the required skills and knowledge using the various photo editing software utilities available such as Adobe Photoshop. Neck joint services are very sensitive in that a lot of expertize is required to perform them. To make the neck joint service complete are other photo editing services which include clipping path, image enhancement and retouching, color correction, background removal, image masking and shadow creation services.

This is the particular process of removing the mannequins and models from clothes. In other words, this is the technique that makes images of clothes to look as if they are worn by nothing, yet they appear full hence the name invisible or ghost mannequin. The mannequins are removed and are no longer visible. After the ghost mannequin services are offered, the images have a 3D appeal in which they seem to be worn by some invisible people. These services are however divided into the following categories:

  • 360° or 3D packshot invisible mannequin effect
    This is the editing of clothes images so that they can have anall-round appeal, which is called the 3D animation or effect. The images are made to spin on a given axis exposing all the features from all the viewing angles. This is also called the rich media. This is important because unlike the single sided images, the buyers are able to view the particular clothe as a whole: front, sides and the rear.
  • The neck joint on invisible mannequin
    This is actually removing the neck of the mannequin from the image so that the image does not contain any mannequin element around the neck area. It is applied to clothes such as t-shirts, vests and jackets. The front part of the cloth in the image is joined with the rear part to make it one continuous image but without anything around the area of the neck.
  • The bottom joint on the invisible mannequin
    This is used on garments that have their back parts longer than the front areas. Some garments seem to have an elongated back part, which appears like a tail. After removing the supporting mannequin from these garments, the photo editor has now to join the upper part with the lower part to make the garment appear whole.
  • The sleeve joint on the invisible mannequin
    This is applied in the area around the sleeves. The mannequin has to be removed and leave the image to have a hollow ghost mannequin effect. For those garments with long sleeves such as jackets, the sleeves need to be left hollow so as to give a 3D effect.

The following are some of the benefits of the neck joint services
•    Gives garments arealistic 3D appeal
•    Exposes all the parts of the garment for inspection
•    Reveals the finer details of the garments such as finishing on the edges and the inside
•    Improves the quality of the images
•    Increases the general sales volumes of the garments on online platforms

Neck joint services are required by various parties including:
•    Professional garment photographers
•    Various photo editing agencies
•    Various garment industries and companies
•    E-commerce businesses and many more

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