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Original Shadow

Original Shadow
Though the theme is totally the same one but in the service of shadow creation, the original shadow creation service provides the original shadow form of an image in it. The full technique is done on the basis of Photoshop and editing tools. In this process, the background of the image is removed and the image is being put in a white background. Then the shadow creation is applied which creates lighting shades around the surfaces of the image that are above the ground. Thus the image looks like a real object and appeals as an artistic creation.
Original Shadow
Reasons to use original shadow:

  1. For appearing the image in its original shade.
  2. For creating the white background to show off its shadow.
  3. For providing different products their own different original shadows.
  4. For focusing on the original shadow form of the image.

Uses of Original Shadow:

  1. To e-commerce any company or any product.
  2. To edit the photos of magazine covers and newspapers.
  3. To edit a photograph of a product.

Original Shadow Pricing per image started from $0.69 USD .

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Original Shadow Regular Pricing Start form $0.69 USD. We provide also Quick Express service 2 hours to 12 hours delivery service based on the complexity.

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  • 96 Hours Service : 25% Discount On regular price

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  • 18 Hours Service Cost: (Standard) No Extra Charge
  • 12 Hours Service Cost: 50% Extra on regular price
  • 6 Hours Service Cost: 100% Extra on regular price
  • 2 Hours Service Cost: 150% Extra on regular price

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