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Photo Editing

Photo editing is the art of photography that involves changing or altering images to get a specified outcome out of the process.

Photo editing is the process of producing particular desired outcomes from the original raw image/photo files. Whenever this process is initiated, it follows a series of procedures before arriving at the final result, always referred to us photo editing services. These comprises of various activities, depending on the nature of the raw file and the intended output. Some of the photos editing services are described below.
photo editing
Outsource Photo Editing
It is very photographers to get quality outsourcing services that do not degrade the original photos in any way.  It has been proved and observed that photographers who get outsource services done to their shoots are bound to sell more and most frequently than their counterparts. However we can also establish that if this service is done by expert companies in the market rather than by the individual photographers, the outcome is usually far much better and hence there is more trust from the clients which translates to increased subsequent sells by the photographers taking this initiative. Outsourcing photo editing services are at a position of producing very appealing photos as compared to the original images as they provide all the required aspects that are defined by photo retouching, all done carefully and with expertize.

Portrait Outsourcing Photo Editing
Portrait shots are professional photos of individuals or even models that are taken in such a way that the subject (model/individual) is the one in focus in the photo. They are meant to display and expose clearly all the subject’s aspects vividly. The subject can be anything or anyone, either one or a group, with all their personalities brought out clearly in the shot. Portrait outsourcing photo editing entails taking the portraits through different activities in photo editing, to ensure they appear exactly as required. These services include:
•    Smoothening of the skin
•    Making necessary color adjustments
•    Correcting various flaws like red eyes, spots and marks
•    Background blurring
•    Make up correction and retouching and much more

Headshot Retouching Services
These are services to correct any imperfections in the face and head area of photographs. They are offered to make a specific character fit into a given niche such as music, acting, modeling, casting, business and much more. There are various activities carried out to headshots look professional. These include:
•    Removing of wrinkles
•    Smoothening of the skin
•    Removing glare due to glasses
•    Popping out make up
•    Face alignment
•    Red eye, scars acne, pimples, spots and clipping correction
•    Face/body swapping and much more

Photoshop Editing Services for Family Photographs
Family events or gatherings are always graced by photography in a bid to keep and preserve the memories. For better quality, these photos need to be edited in order for them to appear much better and appealing to. This calls for professional photo editing services which include:
•    Photo retouching services
•    Color correcting services
•    Swapping services
•    Background removal/blurring services
•    Image resizing
•    Object/people removing or adding and much more

Outsource Newborn Editing Services
These are photo editing services for newborn and teenagers photographs. Sometimes the shots are taken in poor conditions which are inevitable and result in producing photographs that are not perfect hence the call for outsource editing services. These services include:
•    High end skin retouching and smoothening
•    Removal/extending of the background
•    Swapping services
•    Color correction
•    Lighting and exposure balancing
•    Removing unwanted objects and much more

Wedding Photography Editing Services
Wedding photography is gaining much popularity because they are such occasional and treasurable memories. During wedding photography, a lot of imperfections are set to occur, due to random movements, lighting conditions and abrupt shots. For desirable photos to be produced, professional wedding photos editing services are required, which include the following:
•    Lighting and exposure correction and balance
•    Color grading and color correction services
•    Object/ people removal or replacement
•    High end skin smoothening
•    Removal/replacement of the background
•    Image resizing
•    Album design services
•    Color and B&W conversion services
•    Swapping services and much more

Outsourcing Photo Editing for Food Photographs
Online food marketing is the art of displaying associated food products images online to make sales. Food photography is very sensitive as it requires every detail capture in a clear way to bring out all the aspects in the food product. Photo editing services required to perfect food and related product shots include:
•    File format conversion
•    Color correcting and grading
•    Special enhancement
•    Image resizing
•    Ghost mannequin services
•    Background removal/replacement and much more

Photography Post Processing - Montage Service
This service involves editing photos and placing them in a small space alignment in a condensed space, time and information. The individual photos are all edited first, and thenprocessed into the limited space. The services include:
•    Cropping / Straightening/filling services
•    Face retouching services
•    Correction of body shape
•    Photo stylization
•    Background removal/retouching
•    Removal ofelements/people and much more

Real Estate Photo Editing Services
Real estate marketing requires accurate illustrations of the interiors/exteriors of the homes/apartments being sold. These properties are photographed but to increase appeal to potential buyers, the photos need to be professionally refined with the following services:
•    Addition of fireplaces
•    Sky retouching and enhancement
•    Removing of cords
•    Alignment services
•    Brightness and contrast adjusting
•    Addition of HDR effect ad much more

Outsource Color Correction Services
These services are recommended for all photos are in almost perfect in nature and hence do not require so much of other photo editing and manipulation services. Color correction involves:
•    Fixing of tints
•    Sharpening of pixels
•    Brightness and exposure adjustment
•    Noise reduction
•    Color white balancing and much more

Photo Background Change Online
This is applied to any photo in which the background needs to be changed or replaced. The services include:
•    Clipping path services
•    Layer masking services
•    Background retouching/enhancement
•    Object addition/removal
•    Background blurring service
•    Color correction services and much more

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