Ways to Save Time and Grow Your Product Photography Business



Photography is an art and it’s a creative sector for all kinds of people. If you have shot pictures you already know about it.  You need at least a little creativeness in you if you want to be a photographer. Only a creative photographer can succeed in their profession. If you not confident in this thing but you want to confident in this thing you are in right place.

If you ever shot a photo you will know the basic thing about product photography. Nowadays product photography is very important for eCommerce and it’s a big sector where people invest their money. For good marketing, they need to do their product AD on their website or another eCommerce site for their marketing or promote their product.

So, today I’m taking about how can you Grow Your Product Photography Business and also save your time.


Prepare your industry

Prepared your garments for photography. Now a day cloth is an important part of daily life people loves to collect different dresses, some people use different dress for daily use some people love to collect the dress. Overall in the world cloth is an essential part of daily life that why people create an industry or garment. There is so many garment factory in the world already who sell their product. If you join to this product selling competition you must know the marketing about this topic. Product photography is the best way for promoting your product. Most of the people do their photography in dress only and after that, they use photoshop or other photo editing software to add the other thing like business area or business property. This is just a west of time and people don’t trust those type of photo.

The best way is to ready your garment for photography this a good plus point for your business and natural thing is more beautiful than artificial things. A successful company always showoff their company to get trust from people this is the most important thing of the garment business.


The camera is one of the main things in photography. A good camera helps you to take a good picture of your product. If you have a good budget you go for a DSLR. DSLR is one of the best cameras for photography, you can get the best high-quality photo in DSLR. In DSLR you get a batter lens and also nice picture quality.

But if you have a low budget then you can go for a smartphone. Nowadays smartphones have a good quality camera so many people doing smartphone photography. Smartphone photography is easy and it’s saving money. You just need a good position and good lighting set-up and a good phone, you are ready for photography. I’m not telling you to use the phone for photography, I’m saying that if you have a low budget you can go for smartphone photography.


Style on a mannequin

It’s an important point you need to set your product and set the product position. The position is helping to capture more detail in your picture. In garments products photography you need to set your mannequin front-side in-front of the camera and set this in 90-degree angle.

Distracting the Backgrounds

When you are doing product photography, the background is very important for your photography. Because you need to describe your product to your customer. Most of the time the photographers avoid the busy background when they are doing product photography. Because it distracts the viewer from highlighting the product.  That’s why the background is very important.

So, the point is you need to understand the product background. Using white background is one of the best options for this but always using a white background is make your customer feel boring or something like that sometimes you need to use different types of background which helps you make your customer exiting about buying your product.

You can make your background by using two ways. The first one is to edit your photo by using editor software you easily edit the background use any kind of software. But that takes more time and also more work for you. The other option is to take help from professionals which is one of the best ideas. You just take your perfect photo and send it to them to tell them about you’re your product and what kind of edit you need and they do it.

For photo editing contact “clipping path quick”.

Your client’s budget

There’s a lot of gossip about whether to question your client for their budget. Everyone’s belief is different, but there are a couple of crucial takeaways if you are interested in the client’s budget:

Ask for a ballpark range before announcing your rate

If you ask the consumer about their budget after releasing your rate, you may suggest to them that you can work on their terms — and, that you may possibly not understand how much you’re actually worth. But understanding the budget before issuing your rate gives you time to decide if you can go greater or smaller, and help you retain your client.

You’ll likely require positioning the question as, “What kind of financial plan are we dealing with for this project?”.

Possible extra fees for photo editing

Are there additional expenses for the outsourcing that you require to contemplate? Some photo editors may cost additional if edits necessary to be produced, like color correction, sharpening, or resizing.

If you ask about these extra charges upfront, it could protect your money and give a speedy turnaround. Think the following to decide if you could do any of these responsibilities before sending the pictures out for editing:

How are you sending the files? Are they effortlessly arranged for the picture editor?

How much are you sending? Do you require all edited, or should you choose your favorites before sending it?

Can you do the cropping and resizing photo upfront? Does each photo require more than one size?

In The End, you want to think about doing some of the heavy liftings, like organizing and guaranteeing effectiveness, before sending your photos off for editing so you won’t be charged additionally. Because if your editor thinks more time spent to sort through your pictures, they might think increasing their rate.

If your timetable doesn’t permit the time you need to do the resizing upfront — or if various sizes are needed per image — this will simply boost your outsourced photo-editing rate. In this situation, determine the rate with your picture editor before setting your rate with your client to make sure that you won’t miss the money.

Larger, high-resolution images

Small and weak quality won’t cut it when it comes to product images. Rough, blurry photodegrade confidence with your present and potential consumers and can turn them off to making a buy.

When it comes to product images, the larger, the nicer. With an online shop experience, your consumers can’t really see or feel the product in true life so your product photo is one of the most valuable pieces of data they can evaluate whether the product is best for them. By giving your customers a huge product photo, they can see your product in better detail which will facilitate them make their buying decision.

High-resolution photos permit consumers to zoom in to analyze product details. In our evaluation of the top fashion e-commerce sites, 100% of the brands examined had zoom functionality on their product photos.

Latest studies from CXL Institute indicate that photo size not only influences a consumer's interest and engagement, but also their view of its value. A high-resolution photo means that the product is also high-quality. And in the end, how big you go with your images varies on the kind of product.

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